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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our advice to those seeking student housing are:


In each case, the students or their parents must apply in legal real estate offices dealing with student rental houses. These offices are numerous, especially in the periphery.


See enough homes so that they can compare price and quality construction.


To carefully control the house to be leased, and the situation in which, for example, to look for technical problems related to heating, electrical, plumbing, etc. Please always sign a contract with the homeowner or the attorney and not make verbal agreements.


Ask about the amount you will pay for shares, and for other expenses. In many cases it is advisable to negotiate the amount of rent before ending up in the rental along with their broker.


An attractive and economic solution is to look for houses that are away from their schools, as long as these homes have regular intercourse.


Also, many of the parents of students are choosing to purchase a home instead of rent, where the monthly rent is amortized from the purchase of this home or given as a monthly amortization installment of home loan taken by the buyer-student.


Great care is needed by parents or students looking for student housing when not a single euro advance payment differences supposedly consultancies property or services or pseftomesites who request them from 100 to 300 euros to designate their homes and cheating against richer them without ever finding a home.


On behalf of the Board


PRESIDENT                             GEN. SECRETARY


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