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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taxation of capital assets - Income Tax


The Federation of Estate Agents Greece submitted its proposals to the Government through the Commission, you must first innovate and be following this debate a tax bill with developmental nature. Because the continued and prolonged recession if we talk about revenue growth without development will have the opposite effect than the Treasury expects, ie reduced income, freeze market and rising unemployment.


1.Member jeopardizing the exemption first residential housing for years the Greek family, and to extend this exemption to include a parking space and a storage room.


2.Na reduce the real estate transfer tax (FMA) as in force across Europe on a scale commensurate with the value of the property and the reduction of this tax to be particularly high in:

Acquisition of listed property

Buy property in border areas

Buy property proved funded immediately prior sale of another property

Purchase of agricultural land

Buy land to be built professional tourist sites.

Market hotel - tourist accommodation

3.Member States established a reduced transfer tax for first purchase commercial property by individuals or companies.


4.Member States incentivize reductions in direct and indirect taxes for residents outside Greece or Greeks importing capital from abroad, as well as to purchase a holiday home in tourist areas that have little growth.


5.Na objective of not increasing property values ​​since the last three years, real prices have fallen considerably in many cases where there are high rates of merchantability objective values ​​are observed to be larger than the original.


6.Parochi beneficiaries of the Workers' Housing Organization (OFC) the right to obtain residence and the free market to absorb the available housing stock.


7.Foros large property (FMAP). The return will be a major blow to the real estate market, but the building and the wider economy. If eventually imposed, should be scaled low tax rates and large tax-free, that affect only the really big real property, not the middle or small, otherwise the property will become an unwanted commodity, no one will want to possess of. Particular regard should be relieved the listed properties are not repaired by the expropriation and those who have problems due to natural disasters, and generally you do not pay income and their owners will not have to pay.


8.Katargisi capital gains tax. It is known that the payment is transferred to the buyer and it is an unjust tax, and the practical application of what creates most problems and inequalities.


9.Klironomia, donation, or parental benefit. The reinstatement of this tax should be done very carefully and with low tax rates, because prejudice family.


10.Tekmirio living - housing. It will be the final blow for the Greek real estate and millions of people dealing with it, whether such a presumption established to cover small residential area.


11.Kathierosi significant tax deductions for repairs, upgrades or energy buildings in the 'green growth'.


12.Meiosi charges transcription-encumbrances in land registries - cadastral offices.


13.Nai the universal application of 'Occupying', provided that it will apply to the purchase of stocks and bonds and deposits, and to purchase works of art and other objects of great value, not only for the acquisition or reconstruction of buildings. We recommend in all cases not sought 'Occupying' to buy or rebuild property to 500.000 €.


We are at your disposal for any questions and to continue the dialogue. We hope that we as Realtors Association of Greece, traditionally contribute to housing dream every Greek family, we can contribute to the recovery and the economy of our country, which is directly linked to the land and rebuild her!


On behalf of the Board

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