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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For Prime Minister George Papandreou of Greece

Cc: Minister of Economy, Fin. Mr. George Papakonstantinou

Development Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis

Deputy Finance Minister Filippos Sachinidis

Deputy Finance Minister Mr. Dimitris Kouselas

Gen. g Ministry of Economy Elias Plaskovitis

G General Tax Dimitris Georgakopoulos

Athens, 13.10.2010


Dear Sir 


All Greeks are experiencing an unprecedented for Greece economic recession in all operational areas. The largest sector but damaged is Greek Property.


Few are those today who are interested to buy or lease a property.

Few today who think they can buy a property for investment.

Thousands are those who want to sell their properties, but unfortunately there are no buyers.

The owners are unable to pay their mortgages and many other obligations.

Many hotels are for sale but no one cares for them.

Thousands of acres of agricultural land sold and nobody cares.

Every week, hundreds of families are losing their homes at auctions, but they are hardly sold.

Although prices have fallen because those who need to sell as-alike, there is no buyer.



Because the tax for property held by the CAB is predatory and taxpayers will not have to pay every year.

Because the evidence of residence in conjunction with other evidence of living is unrealistic for those living in a fundamentally decent housing, either by inheritance or by purchase acquired, and that they already pay taxes heap.

Because the transfer tax on real estate (10%) remain among the highest in Europe. For example in the UK is 1%.

Because the property tax is too high, for example in England pay tax only those who have income from real estate.

Because with the barrage of measures against property, even with the exclusion of smallholders from professional finish, the holder has assimilated longer "sui generis offense!"

Because unfortunately not complete spatial and urban planning in the country, so none of the investors can not buy land because of the uncertain land use in each area.

Because there is no Tariff and departments they serve and do not respond promptly to significant issues relating to potential investors

Dear Sir,

Under these conditions, the Greek real estate collapses, companies dealing with construction closing, the state loses huge revenue. Unemployment in the sector has exceeded 50%. Investment from overseas because of taxes and current circumstances, it is inconceivable. The truth is that we all want Greece to emerge from this recession as quickly as possible. But without the support of the land which is the third largest pillar, after tourism and shipping, things will deteriorate to a dramatic degree.


Dear Sir,

Investments in real estate in our country is the most beneficial for our national economy, and perhaps the only feasible and readily achievable. Why would anyone invest in Greece today with so many problems and taxes and not in another European state; Why should immediately


to provide incentives for investment in real estate, tourism and urban.

to rationalize the tax burden on owners.

to establish tax incentives for large investments.

be reduced to 1/3 the taxes for those who buy property with money import from abroad

not increasing objective values, if not also reduce all tax rates.

Dear Sir y, Com Com Ministers and Secretaries


We are at your disposal for a constructive dialogue with more suggestions and solutions to change the negative sentiment that exists at this time because the government complains Capital and Real Estate.


Supporting Property and construction, reduce unemployment and increase the income of the State!


Yours sincerely


PRESIDENT                             GEN. SECRETARY

                         GREGORY LIANTAS                        JOHN  REVYTHIS

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