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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear colleagues,


We wish you and your families good autumn, with health and professional success.

Everyone experiences the continued economic downturn and hopefully our country to pass quickly from this economic situation, because as we all see things are not going well at all and Property continues its downward trend.


In these difficult times, it is good to develop more public relationships, to expand your clientele, but also to make parallel actions-such as promotions:

· Leases student housing

· Identify areas for renewable energy (solar-wind)

· Assessments or studies utilizing tourist areas,

· Safety and lending by banks

· Partnerships with agencies and renovate renovating homes u.


We ask you to develop partnerships between brokers and create segments of training courses for your members, in collaboration with the Federation.


Also ask your opinion and problems can be faced by the region, apart from reducing trades all know.


PRESIDENT                                                 GEN. SECRETARY

GREGORY LIANTAS                                     JOHN REVYTHIS


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