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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Minister of Finance

Mr. George Papakonstantinou


Mr. George Papandreou

Prime Minister of Greece




Please set directly at your own risk meeting date of the Working Groups on tax reform measures before any announcement since although we have tabled proposals not made any final meeting Commission. Otherwise the announced by the Prime Minister makes a mockery of the consultation bodies invited to participate and we are willing to tolerate as actors and as citizens of a state law.


Athens, 9/2/2010


For the Athens Bar Association President Dimitris Paxinos


For POMIDA, President Stratos Paradias


For the Technical Chamber of Greece, President John Alavanos


For the ESEE (Ethn.Syn.El.Emporiou) President Vassilis Korkidis


For Notary Association, President Constantine Vlahakis


For OMKOEE (Manufacturers) President Demetris Kapsimalis


For the Association of Am. Registrars, President Christos Christopoulos


For OMASE (Realtor), The General Secretary John Revithis


For PEFE (Tax Consultants), Vice Orestes Seimenis

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