The Objectives of Real Estate Federation of Greece are summarized as follows:

  1. Update all the clubs for the motion law in ministry development.
  2. The management of OMASE after continuous meetings offered a comprehensive proposal with the help of lawyers, Mr Charilaos Meidanis, Evangelos K. Beis and John K. Pitsirikos in ministry development.
  3. The OMASE will issue a joint contract (mandate) nomination and award for Greece to cover all cases.
  4. Common code of professional ethics for all.
  5. Education from KEK GSEVEE.
  6. Regular updating of our clubs on matters Real Estate Market - Tax - Legal - Consumer Protection.
  7. Combating illegal brokers throughout Greece.
  8. Events local clubs with our cooperation OMASE.
  9. Interviews in the Media by OMASE and our associations.
  10. Developing relations with other federations OMASE abroad.
  11. Cooperation between the members of each club, developing relationships and solidarity between.
  12. Establishing clubs in Greece.